How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost? I Got 10 Quotes!

If you are planning a wedding, it’s pretty common to come across the request to furnish wedding or event insurance for the day of your event. Insurance is so common, but it’s also a mystery. I decided to look up all of the big contenders myself and see what is to be expected before I send any brides to any specific insurance company for their wedding or event insurance.

The average cost of wedding insurance for liability only is $149.02 The average cost of wedding insurance with liability and cancellation protection is $340.64. The lowest price I was quoted for a 150 person event with coverage of 1,000,000/2,000,000 including liquor protection was $117.42 from EventSured online.

I wanted to keep the comparisons as close as possible so I tried to keep the date, coverage maximums and guest count the same. I was actually shocked to see so few options online for wedding insurance! I searched for 10 wedding insurance companies, but was only able to receive 8 quotes! See the table below for a quick overview!

Top 8 Cheapest Wedding Insurance Companies and Costs

CompanyOnlineLiquorCertificateOccr/AggrNotesLiability onlyLiability & Cancellation
EventSureYesYesYes1 / 2 milLowest quote$117.42$262.65
Ewed InsuranceYesYesYes1 / 2 mil3 day coverage$124.95$361.20
WedSureYesYesYes1 / 2 milIncludes rehearsal$125$268.65
The Event HelperYesYesYes1 / 2 milAlso Progressive$125.79$373.33
OneDayEventYesYesYes1 / 2 milAdditional insured$131N/A
WedSafeYesYesyes1 / 5 milAlso Nationwide$184Not available in my state
Markel InsuranceYesYesYes1 / 2 milAlso Allstate$235$353
Protect My WeddingYesYesYes1 / 2 milAlso TravelersN/A$425
How much does wedding insurance cost? 10 *almost 10* quotes

Markel Insurance has always been our go-to wedding and event insurance company, but after learning this data, we will be using a different company!

WedSafe seems to be the pioneer of online wedding and event insurance, but that doesn’t mean they are the best. Fortunately, I have not had to file an event claim, so I do not have first-hand experience with how customer service is when a claim is done. That leads me to the first point.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth Getting?

While most wedding venues require the renter to obtain wedding insurance, there is always a question of why.

A reasonable wedding liability insurance is an important expense for your big day. Event insurance provides protection for the insured’s guests against injury, damage, and often alcohol injuries. Wedding cancellation protection insurance is an option to protect the investment of your event against cancellations, loss of gifts, and more.

It might feel like a low risk to need event insurance for one day, but once you need it, it would be too late. This is one cost that is better safe than sorry.

What is wedding liability insurance?

Insurance is such a complicated topic, I wanted to give you a brief definition to help guide you.

Wedding, or event insurance, is there to protect you and your wedding from any accident, whether it be a personal bodily injury, injury to the venue, or an alcohol-related injury.

Most wedding venues require liability insurance to be purchased by the renter and some may ask to be listed as “additionally insured.”

What is wedding cancellation insurance?

While event insurance is typically required to protect the venue, wedding cancellation insurance is made to protect you and your investment.

Wedding cancellation insurance protects the funds you have invested into your wedding. This differs from each company, but they all offer levels of vendor desposits, wedding dresses, photos, rings, and more.

Similar to auto insurance, there is the liability, then the comprehensive insurance to replace your car in the event of an accident. You can play around with the quoting options on the insurance websites and see how much coverage you might actually want.

Does wedding insurance cover COVID-19?

The entire industry made changes after the pandemic of 2020, especially insurance coverage.

Every insurance I received a quote from denied coverage for COVID-19 exposure and cancellation due to the virus.

Sometimes it seems like you can plan and prepare, but there still might be a random emergency that insurance just can’t help with.

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